• We organize activities for our members that have some cost.
  • We need to pay for the association regular expenses. Bank account, transfer fees, legal paperwork, etc.
  • We pay a membership fee to EUROAVIA International for each local member, so that you can benefit from the advantages of a huge community of aerospace students in any affiliated society. Did you consider assisting to an EUROAVIA International event?
  • We need a certain amount of money available in order to pay for services or products, in case of organising an activity or event, before the application fees or subventions are finally charged in our bank account.

As a non profit association, no one in the local board earns any money. The fee has its only purpose to work for the local members.
Do you want to know more of the internal operation of EUROAVIA Terrassa? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Why do I need to pay a membership fee?