The second edition of the MATLAB Express course has exceeded the participation expectations, since the event was limited to 20 participants.  This course has consisted in an express 3-hour seminar in which the main features and work strategies of MATLAB have been presented to students with little experience in the environment. The aim of the course is not to master the program but to give the tools to inexperienced users so that they can continue learning on their own afterwards.

The contents of the course has been the following,

Basic introduction to MATLAB environment

  • Functions
  • Vectorized functions and operators
  • ODE Integration using ode45
  • Linear and non-linear equation solving
  • Good practices and difference with tradiiton languages such as C or C++
  • Efficiency and debugging

Be sure that we will repeat the event soon, all the feedback will be taken into account!

Second Edition of MATLAB Express Course

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